Obtaining a liquor license in Florida
Obtaining a liquor license in Florida

Liquor License Outlet can help you to obtain a liquor license in Florida. With over 50 years of extensive industry experience, we continue to help bar, restaurant, and liquor store owners obtain their Florida liquor licenses. As always, our highly-dedicated team is committed to excellence in all services and communications.

This includes timely applications, along with negotiations and final liquor license approvals. At Liquor License Outlet, we are here to help you every step of the way throughout the process. We also offer informative articles and posts, along with timely answers for all questions and concerns.

At Liquor License Outlet, we are licensed and certified. This means we handle all Florida liquor license applications from start to finish. With honesty and a strong commitment to our new and recurring clients, we are here to help you grow and maintain your business.


At Liquor License Outlet, we offer top-notch services for clients seeking new or recurring licenses. In fact, we pride ourselves on being the go-to company for businesses within the hospitality and beverage industries. We understand all the industry requirements, including the application and liquor license approval process in Florida.

With a keen eye for detail, we expedite the filing process to ensure timely liquor license approvals for bar, restaurant, and hotel-motel owners. Our team works hard and goes above and beyond to help fellow business owners obtain their liquor licenses across the state. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us for these services:

  • Obtaining a liquor license for your Florida restaurant before serving alcoholic drinks.
    Florida law requires any establishment to obtain a liquor license

    Florida law requires every commercial establishment serving liquor to have a license.

  • We stay informed regarding the latest industry developments to offer real-time services with favorable results.
  • Our Florida liquor license team helps you get your license, so you can legally sell all types of alcohol including beer, wine, mixed drinks, and spirits.
  • Having a valid liquor license in Florida means no more hassles or problems for your business.
  • Florida state liquor licenses even help your businesses grow and expand.
  • Your business can increase profits and revenue with a Florida liquor license by allowing you to sell alcohol, within your premise, for parties, sporting events, social functions, business gatherings, and team-building events.

At Liquor License Outlet, we are licensed and certified. This means we handle all Florida liquor license applications from start to finish. With honesty and a strong commitment to our new and recurring clients, we are here to help you grow and maintain your business. Contact us today to discuss your liquor licensing needs and requirements. We also offer detailed cost information for you to obtain a liquor license in Florida along with timetables on obtaining your licenses and keeping them updated annually.

We offer a full range of liquor licensing services for all Florida businesses and brands, including:


If you want to sell your liquor license, we can give you a precise estimate. We take the frustration out of selling your license.


Do you need to purchase a Florida liquor license? One of our specialties is helping all types of establishments obtain their appropriate liquor licenses in Florida. With expedited and hassle-free services, you will be surprised by how fast you can get your license.


We offer a wide scope of financing options for business owners and/or sole proprietors that need a liquor license. Contact us to discuss all the available options including different types of licenses depending on your commercial or individual business.


While we do sell quota liquor licenses, we are also interested in purchasing your quota liquor licenses.


Do you have more questions before you move on to the next step? Here are some of the most commonly asked Florida liquor license questions, with answers from our industry insiders.

  • What if I Don’t Win the Liquor License Lottery? The liquor license lottery is one way to obtain a Florida 4Cop license, but it’s not the only option. Even if you don’t win the lottery, we can help you to explore alternative (yet more restricted) licenses or broker a sale for an existing 4Cop license on the private market.
  • Are There Limitations on a 4Cop License? The 4Cop license is considered the most flexible of all because it allows for beer, wine, and spirits sales. If you want to open a nightclub, bar, pub, or restaurant, then this will likely be the best license for you. Some licenses are limited, such as the 4Cop SRX, which requires that your restaurant derives 51% of revenue from food and non-alcoholic beverage sales.
  • Is a Liquor License a Good Investment? A liquor license is a great investment for two reasons. Primarily, it will allow you to offer liquor for sale, which could significantly boost your bottom line. Successful businesses derive a significant portion of their monthly revenue from selling alcohol. Beyond the immediate benefit to your business, a quota liquor license can be sold when you no longer need it. The resale market is extremely lucrative, and you could make a significant profit if you’re the holder of a coveted 4Cop license.
  • Can I Transfer or Sell My Quota License? Absolutely! In fact, we work with license holders to connect them with buyers throughout Florida. Quota licenses that are won in the lottery system could provide a significant return on investment. Contact us today if you are ready to sell.
  • How Long Does the Application Process Take? Most liquor licenses can be processed by the state in around 30 days, however, in practicality, it takes much longer. This is because many businesses don’t meet strict state requirements. Purchasing a license could take weeks or months, depending on availability. The best way to get a quota license is to buy one through a trusted consulting firm. Liquor License Outlet can help make the process simpler and faster.


Obtaining a liquor license in Florida
Obtaining a liquor license in Florida to grow your business

Obtaining a liquor license in Florida is a must for any business, in any industry, that sells beer, wine, and spirits. Without a legal, verified, and certified license, you can incur fines from governing agencies and local law enforcement. Why take a chance that can negatively impact your business reputation across the sectors and niches you serve?

For more information on getting a liquor license in Florida, simply contact us today.


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