We are a full-service liquor licensing team, dedicated to providing you with the industry’s best services in obtaining, selling or financing a liquor license.

Liquor License Financing

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Need to sell your license? Provide us with some basic information about your license and we can provide you with an estimate. Take the stress of selling your license out of the equation and contact our team today.

Purchase a Liquor License

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In the market to buy a liquor license? We facilitate the application process for individuals and business wanting to obtain a liquor license in the state of Florida. Our experienced team will help you obtain your license efficiently and with less hassle.

Sell a Liquor License

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We provide options for individuals and businesses wanting to finance the purchase of a liquor license. We offer competitive rates, with flexible payment options.

Liquor License Quota

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Liquor License Outlet is currently looking to buy your quota liquor license or sell you a quota liquor license. Click through for details!