How can you buy a Florida Liquor License?

How can you buy a Florida Liquor License?If you are soon to be the proud owner of a new restaurant, corner store, bar or special event venue, there are many questions you are sure to be asking yourself about how to get your new establishment up and running. One of those questions is sure to be the best way to purchase your liquor license. This is one of the most important purchases you will make as you establish your business. Selecting the right type of license from the outset can save you both time and money, as well as helping you increase the profit your business makes.

What Type of Florida Liquor License is Best?

The best kind of liquor license for your business will depend on a few factors, including the location of your business and what kind of business it will be. There are a few different kinds of liquor licenses available in Florida, including:

  • The Florida Quota License, which is also sometimes called a 4Cop License. This is the best kind of license for nightclubs, bars, breweries and other businesses where alcohol is vital. A Florida 4Cop Liquor License allows you to legally sell any kind of liquor, including alcohol like vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey. You can also sell beer and wine with this kind of license. This full license is the best option for a business that will serve a diverse menu of cocktails, beer, and wine, and will allow you to make the most money with your new business. Because these licenses are in high demand, there are only a limited amount available each year. Once this amount of licenses has been issued, there are no more new licenses issued. In this case, a new business owner might try purchasing one from a private seller.
  • The beer and wine license, which is also called the package license. This allows the vendor to sell beer and wine in unlimited quantities but no liquor of any kind. These licenses are typically used by convenience stores, gas stations and other small venues that do not need to offer a full drink menu. With less paperwork to complete and no quota in place, this can be the easiest kind of license to get. They can also be used by smaller restaurants and cafes that want to introduce drinks to the menu gradually.
  • The SRX license, which is designed for restaurants and other businesses that get half of their profits from food sales. This license allows for the sale of any type of alcohol as long as more food than alcohol is being sold. Since this license is designed specifically for restauranteurs, the paperwork you have to submit in order to get one can be complex and require you to prove the nature of your business.

Which license is best for you depends on the type of business you are opening and the kind of clientele you want to attract. If you aren’t sure which kind of Florida liquor license is right for you, and you want to get expert advice and help, contact Liquor License Outlet. One of the members of our team can help you determine which type of license will cover your needs.

How much does Florida Liquor License Cost?

How much does Florida Liquor License Cost?The cost of your Florida liquor license can vary based on a few factors. There are different prices set based on the county and the population in that county. The different kinds of licenses can also vary greatly. For example, a quota license in a densely populated area can be priced in the range of the high six figures. If you’re hoping to open a bar with a full liquor license in South Beach, you’re likely to pay more than someone who is looking for a license in a less densely populated area. However, the cost of a beer and wine license is never that high and is typically closer to a few thousand dollars. This can be more manageable for a new business owner without much extra cash to spare.

Why is it beneficial to purchase a Florida Liquor License?

As a new business owner, it’s prudent to make sure you can secure a liquor license before you get too deep into your other preparations. Without a Florida liquor license, you have two options remaining. Either you can operate illegally without one, or you can operate your business without selling any alcohol. Both choices have major drawbacks for the business owner:

Operating without a license can lead to fines and legal issues if the authorities come to check your establishment. This can also give your customers the idea that you are operating a less than reputable business, which may make them decide to take their business elsewhere.

Operating your business without serving alcohol can hurt your profits or even force you to change the business concept altogether. If you’re planning to open a bar, winery or nightclub, lack of a liquor license can force you to wait to open your business until you can get one. This can mean months of bills piling up with no way to offset them. Taking on many expenses, like rent on a building, furniture, and appliances, with no way to pay them is a recipe for disaster for a new business.

The Easiest Way to Get a Florida Liquor License

The Easiest Way to Get a Florida Liquor LicenseWhen you begin the process of buying a Florida liquor license, you might find it a little daunting. There are a lot of forms that need to be filled out, not to mention a large fee that has to be paid. Luckily, you can get help and guidance through this process from Liquor License Outlet. Our team can assist through every step of the journey, including answering any questions you may have, assisting you in completing your paperwork, and even help you secure financing to offset some of the cost involved.

If you are looking for the easiest way to get a Florida liquor license, click here to find out more about how we can help you.