The purchase of a liquor license is a large investment that requires significant financial resources. We provide the necessary liquor license loan to qualified individuals and businesses, with competitive rates and flexible payment plans to meet your needs.

Before you consider other options for purchasing your license, talk to one of our experienced financial professionals.


A liquor license can be an incredible business asset that helps to drive sales and increase your bottom line. As is common in many states, the licensing process in Florida is costly. This is especially true if you miss out on the quota lottery and go through the private market.

Applying for a Liquor License In Florida

Applying for a Liquor License In Florida

Countless businesses choose to sell their licenses every year, for various reasons. Some of these include:

  • The company is going out of business.
  • The nature of the business has changed, and a liquor license is no longer necessary.
  • The company has obtained a new license more suitable to its business needs.

When licenses appear on the open market, they are not cheap. This is because quota licenses are inherently rare, due to being based on county population rather than the actual business revenue that is generated in the area.

Quota licenses are awarded through a lottery, so even if you meet all the requirements, there’s no guarantee that you will be successful at the end of the process. If you don’t meet the requirements for some of the special licenses that are available, you’ll need to buy a license from a business that no longer needs theirs.

Getting Your Licenses Through Lottery

Getting Your License Through Lottery

Some licenses hit the market for prices in the tens of thousands of dollars. Even for a medium-sized business, this would be a significant investment. Applying for a standard business loan for a liquor license may appear to be inherently risky to a lender. You may have trouble getting financing through traditional channels.

Liquor License Outlet specializes in business loans and liquor license sales. We understand the industry and the needs of business owners. We are experts at assessing risk, so we can provide the most competitive terms on our financial services.

If you don’t have the capital to buy a Florida liquor license outright, it’s time to talk to a team that can help you achieve your goals.


We can provide financing for your liquor license application or purchase. This can help you to serve one of the most important areas of your market, without a high level of capital required. Loan terms are competitive, and we can work with you to develop a payment plan that works for your business.


Florida Liquor License Application

Florida Liquor License Application

Most companies will find that the additional revenue that comes from liquor sales is enough to offset the cost of financing a license.

We offer:

  • Loans on the value of your Florida Liquor License.
  • Full and partial financing on the purchase of a Florida Liquor License.
  • Short-term business loans.

Our dedicated team of professionals will help you navigate through the challenging process of getting your liquor license application approved.

If you want the best chance of success in your industry, contact us today.

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