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Dedicated to providing first-class services and the best our industry has to offer, Liquor License Outlet was formed out of a passion for serving others in the hospitality industry. With over 50 years of combined hospitality experience, our leadership is well-versed in the Liquor License application process and understands the challenges new business owners encounter when trying to get approval. We take pride in helping our clients accomplish their goals, utilizing a strict standard for accuracy and efficiency.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry can result in fast approval for non-quota licenses. Our vast network of license holders means we can facilitate sales of quota licenses in record time.

Licensed, insured, and bonded, we serve our clients and community with honesty and integrity. We look forward to the opportunity to help you succeed. Take a moment to send us a message or give us a call to discuss your Florida Alcohol License needs.


A liquor license can be a powerful asset for restaurants, cafés, and other similar businesses in the hospitality industry. If you want to increase your profits and attract a more discerning clientele, you will need to license your premises.

For many entrepreneurs, simply knowing which liquor license to apply for is the biggest challenge. There are several options in Florida, with each one varying slightly in terms of the type of alcohol that can be sold.

We can help you to obtain the following licenses through the resale market or directly from your local regulatory body.

  • 2APS Liquor License – This is a license designed for small businesses that wish to sell beer and wine as retail products. This license is often used by convenience stores, liquor stores, and boutique grocery stores. This license doesn’t cover liquor sold for consumption on the premises.
  • 2COP Liquor Licenses – As one of the most popular options for cafés, bars, and restaurants, the 2COP Florida liquor license could be ideal for you if you want to offer beer and wine for consumption on-premises. This license also comes with an extension to sell packaged and sealed beer and wine for consumption off-premises. This license is non-quota based, meaning that you can apply at any time of year.
  • 4COP-Quota Liquor License – This is the most comprehensive license type for restaurants and similar businesses in Florida. It allows for the sale of beer, wine, and spirits for consumption on-premises. Under Florida’s quota system, only one license is granted for every 7,500 residents in a county. This license is highly competitive and is offered through a lottery system. Licenses can also be purchased from existing licensed holders. We can help you to sell or buy a 4COP license in Florida.
  • 4COP-SRX Liquor License – In addition to the standard 4COP quota license, there’s also an SRX variant available, which doesn’t rely on the quota or lottery system. To apply for this license, you must operate a restaurant, bar, or similar business with at least 2,000 square feet of space that is permanently covered, and seating 150 patrons. At least 51% of your revenue must be derived from food sales and nonalcoholic beverages.

Navigating the application process and associated red tape can be time-consuming. If you’ve never engaged with the liquor license market, you may find the process to be confusing at points.

This is where Liquor License Outlet can help. Our extensive knowledge of the industry can result in fast approval for non-quota licenses. Our extensive network also allows us to broker sales of quota licenses.

Many of the most successful businesses derive more than 30% of their revenue from liquor sales. If you’re ready to grow your business, it’s time to talk to us.