Applying For A Liquor License

Why Your Application For a Liquor License Might Be Denied

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In July 9, 2018

Obtaining a Florida liquor license can be a difficult and lengthy process since there are so many files and applications to account for when filling one out. Qualifying for a liquor license is difficult enough, but what if your application is denied? What factors do you have to keep an eye out for about how or why your application may not be approved?

Factors of Being Denied a Liquor License Application

When you’re looking into a Florida liquor license acquiring the necessary paperwork can be a headache and it’s a lengthy process. While obtaining a license will vary depending on where you live, there are a few factors to keep in mind about why a license may be denied. There could qualifications or requirements that were failed to be met and were outlined for the application process.

Information could also be failed to be submitted, misrepresentation can occur, rule violations or a criminal history violates the standards that are outlined for a liquor license. Another factor could be that the funds used for the operation and startup of a business are called into question which could also be a denial of a liquor license.

What Do You Need to Qualify for a Liquor License Application?

Acquiring a Florida State Liquor License is a lengthy process and it can be a headache for people who are navigating the application process. You have to gather certain documents and have proof of identity to send in an application. People who are applying for a license have to provide their social security card and fingerprints to get the process started.

You shouldn’t expect the process to be completed overnight either since it can be time-consuming for filling out the application. Business owners often need help from a service to handle this lengthy process for them and will take care of all the necessities for submitting their applications. Once all the paperwork has been submitted the application is reviewed by the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing. They check to see if the quota of liquor licenses has been made available yet and if so there’s a higher chance your application will be approved.

Can You Acquire Different Liquor Licenses?

When you’re searching “how to buy a liquor license in Florida” the results can vary and you don’t want to go with the first service you find. When applying for a license you may need one type depending on if you’re planning on selling alcohol from an establishment or are planning on opening a bar. The first type of license you may want to look into is called a quota license is the kind you need if you’re planning on opening a nightclub or bar.

The other license available is the SRX which is a special restaurant license. These types of licenses are issued to businesses where more than half of the sales they make consist of food items. These are ideal options for restaurants where the alcohol is sold alongside the food and is not a primary menu item. People can apply for the SRX year-round, but the process for the application takes time to bring together. There are 54 subcategories listed underneath the SRX license and the type a business needs will vary on the kind they’re operating.

Are Their Other Avenues for Acquiring a License?

Yes, there are other options for acquiring a Florida state liquor license depending on what you need. We help business owners through the application process and bring together the paperwork to acquire their licenses. The other option is to purchase an existing license from another business owner which is much easier than going through the application process.

We help people through the process and understand the time-consuming process it takes to get through obtaining and owning a license. This is especially true if the country authorities are not issuing new licenses for that year. If you need help or have any inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us so we can help.


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