4Cop Liquor License Requirements in Florida
4Cop Liquor License Requirements in Florida

Anyone seeking a license to sell alcoholic beverages in Florida can probably guess why there is no state income tax. It is a simple economics principle anyone can grasp. Why sell 20 burgers at $5 each to make one hundred dollars if you can sell ten with only a minimal increase in effort or materials at $10 each to make the same amount?

Why would the Florida state government burden itself by processing millions of unitemized tax forms each year when liquor licenses are a lucrative and less numerous revenue source that is in high demand due to the state’s substantial tourism base? Although for a liquor license applicant to serve alcohol, the process can be as tedious as the one residents in other states must follow for filing income tax forms. Fortunately, Liquor License Outlet is here to relieve the applicant of that burden.

There are few business assets as powerful as a Florida 4Cop liquor license. If you want to sell alcohol on your premises and enjoy increased revenue and profitability, you’ll need to learn the requirements of this license. We can help you to obtain a non-quota license. There are numerous licenses available to sell alcoholic beverages and there are just as many rules and restrictions as to how, where, and when they can be sold. You could fill a dozen martini glasses with the idioms, clichés, and sage words regarding liquor licensing in Florida but one really must consider the location. Indeed, selling liquor in this state is everything. Selling alcohol in Florida is not like trying to unload wine coolers at a county fair on a Sunday afternoon in Jackson. People come to Florida to eat, drink, and relax. A 4Cop liquor license may be tough and expensive to obtain but, in Florida, the effort and the wait are justified in the long haul because it enables the business owner to provide both food and drink to its customers who just want to eat, drink, and relax in the sand, and we are not talking just any drink. This license enables an establishment to sell any kind of liquor including vodka or rum along with wine coolers, beers, and the usual fare.

Does The Lottery Make It Difficult To Obtain A License?

4Cop Liquor License Requirements For Your Business In Florida
4Cop Liquor License Requirements For Your Business In Florida

We mention the 4Cop primarily because it is dispensed in a way over which the applicant has no control whatsoever. The state will only issue so many of these types of licenses in a county depending on the population of the area of a business applying for the license. If the quota has been met, an establishment can only wait until the population increases to augment the quota or buy a license from a similar establishment in the same zone that has cash flow troubles or is closing. This is just one of the obstacles put out by the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing.

However, there is a compromise available. Given the population fluctuations in the state throughout the year, the SRX license is an attractive restaurant license that does allow the sale of alcohol if 51% or more of its revenues are from the sale of food. If one takes that route, there are also licenses and permits required by the hotel and restaurant zoning authority and the health and safety authority.

Fingerprinting Needed For A License In Florida

Another requirement, that some find daunting, for the 4Cop liquor license in Florida is to be fingerprinted, a task that is outsourced to PearsonVue. A copy of that receipt must accompany the application. We at the Liquor License Outlet are not averse to this requirement. A liquor license is not a license to kill or destroy either through premeditated malice or negligence so knowing who owns and runs the business is important to the city issuing it. Another similar requirement for 4Cop licensing is that the business must be properly registered in the state. A federal tax identification number is required.

Social Security Number Necessary For A License In Florida

A fourth and equally important yet often unpopular requirement is that everyone whose name will be on the license to dispense alcoholic beverages must provide his or her social security number. Do keep in mind there is no income tax in the state, so the state bird is not trying to snatch every worm in one’s garden with this requirement. That an employee may be compensated in cash is a concern secondary to that whether the person is a convicted felon of certain crimes, especially those related to drinking tampering.

Understanding 4 Cop Liquor License  in Florida

4Cop Liquor License Requirements For Your Business In Florida
4Cop Liquor License Requirements For Your Business In Florida

Learn what is a Florida 4Cop license as you plan your next business decision. Quota licenses are issued through the quota beverage license drawing, also known as the liquor license lottery. These licenses are extremely valuable because they come with fewer restrictions in terms of the type of business and how much of its revenue needs to be generated through food sales, compared to liquor sales. However, while waiting for a lottery win, or when building funds to purchase a liquor license on the retail market, it’s possible to apply for the SRX license. While it’s easier to get, there are some restrictions and requirements that come with it. With a 4COP-SRX liquor license, a restaurant (or similar business) can sell beer, wine, and liquor for consumption on-premises. To qualify for a non-quota SRX license, your business will need to:

  • Be a restaurant or similar establishment (such as a tavern that sells food), with floor space between 2,500 square feet and 5,000 square feet. This floor space must be permanently covered, so outside seating under umbrellas or similar shelters is not applicable.
  • Have seating and equipment/staff to serve between 150 and 250 customers at one time. This can vary between counties.
  • 51% of total revenue must be generated by food and non-alcoholic beverages. This means that bars and clubs will likely not qualify.
  • Full menu service must be offered at all times when liquor is sold.

While some businesses will have no trouble meeting these requirements, they will be restrictive for many. If you don’t meet these requirements and need to sell liquor at your place of business, you can find a license on the private market. Lottery winners and businesses that no longer need their licenses can sell them, and they can be legally transferred. Liquor License Outlet can help you to find a seller and will facilitate the transaction. A non-quota license can become a real asset. In most cases, you will be able to sell your license for a profit if your business needs to change. Contact us at the Liquor License Outlet. We pledge and guarantee a sober perspective on the licensing process, and can help you with purchasing a liquor license, selling a license, or obtaining liquor license financing. With the right support and expertise, you can get valuable paperwork that will help you to grow your business.

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