There’s a lot to think about when opening a business. You need the right location and a sound business model, and you’ll need to take care of staffing. If you’re opening a restaurant, you’ll need to design a menu and secure a supply chain. Furniture, decorating, and everything right down to food utensils all needs to be considered. One very important aspect of opening a business, and perhaps one of the most important in the hospitality and service industry, is obtaining a liquor license. The benefits of having a liquor license far outweigh the price to obtain one. The Florida liquor license process is a difficult process and you shouldn’t do it alone.

Florida liquor license types can be difficult to navigate if you’re a first-time business owner, but there is an easier way. With the help of local licensed professionals, you can streamline the process and secure the future of your business.

Understanding The Process

Florida’s licensing system combines both standard non-quota licenses and quota licenses awarded by a lottery system. Before you apply for a license, it’s essential to understand the following.

  • The Florida liquor license application process can take months if you don’t have assistance. While non-quota licenses need to be processed within a 90-day period, quota licenses can take much longer. This is because you will often need to buy these licenses from businesses that no longer need them. You can think of it as a private market, where you are at the mercy of current prices and the availability of ‘used’ licenses.
  • The population of each county drives the number of available liquor licenses. If there is only mild population growth, the number of licenses will be almost stagnant. If you are unable to obtain a license through the Florida liquor license lottery, you must buy one privately.Florida Liquor License Applications
  • Wait, there’s a lottery? Yes, that’s how it works in Florida. If you are applying for a quota license, you need to enter a lottery and hope that your business is selected. If it isn’t, the private market is your only option.
  • Florida liquor licenses on the private market are completely legal, but they are in high demand. They originate from businesses that are leaving their respective industries, closing down, or changing their services so that they no longer need liquor licenses. These companies know that they can earn a premium on their licenses, so finding one on your own or getting one for a reasonable price can be near impossible.
  • The state agency still controls the business-to-business sale of liquor licenses, and you’ll need to comply with all rules of the license. Sales need to be approved, and the process can be time-consuming.

Taking all of this into account, it’s clear that obtaining a license is not quite as simple as submitting an application and waiting. Having a professional consulting company on your side can help you to move ahead with your business goals.

The Benefits of Working with Florida Liquor License Application Specialists

Consider everything that you need to plan to open your business, and then add the process of obtaining a liquor license on top. The time and complexity quickly add up.

Working with Florida liquor license application specialists will give you several unique advantages, including:

  • You will learn exactly what type of license is needed for your business, cutting down on your research needs.
  • A consultant will be able to identify existing licenses on the private market. They will negotiate the purchasing price on your behalf with the aim of securing the best deal.
  • The entire process, including acquisition and any legal steps, will be managed from end to end.
  • Any restrictions or special considerations with a new license will be identified upfront.
  • All due diligence will be performed, including identifying any liens or other problems on an existing license.
  • You will save time, allowing you to focus on your business.

Working with a team of professionals simply makes sense. If you want your business to be successful, you need to take advantage of any help you can get.

To avoid the uncertainty of the Florida liquor license lottery, you can work with our experts at Liquor License Outlet. We’ll handle the application process, simplifying it so that you can take care of what really matters. Our affordable service will cut down the stress and uncertainty that comes from getting licensed.

Most importantly, we’ll work quickly so that you can open your doors and start generating a return on your investment.

Don’t apply for a liquor license on your own. Contact us today, and we’ll help you secure one of the most valuable assets that a Florida business can have.

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