Florida Liquor Licenses That are Offered During the Annual Lottery

Florida Liquor License TypesFor many Florida businesses, obtaining a liquor license is an absolute requirement. But getting one from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing is not necessarily easy. In fact, many individuals find it confusing – if not overwhelming. The first day of the liquor license application is crucial for Florida business owners, especially those who own bars and restaurants. It marks the start of the application period for the state’s annual liquor license lottery, which enables individuals to apply for a $100 fee. If they are fortunate enough to win the license, they can sell it for much more.

Huge demand is anticipated this year. Florida liquor license types are available based on population, so as the number of people grows, so does the number of licenses. In Pinellas County, simply one license will be offered. None were available this year, so it is expected that the lucky individual who receives it will be able to sell it for more than $200,000. The yearly drawing is expected to be held sometime in 2020. There will be a total of 51 licenses accessible for 27 counties in Florida.

Florida is rare since it gives out liquor licenses based on a computerized drawing. Like purchasing a lottery ticket, it is all based on luck and chance. The only way to improve your chances is to apply to every available county. In the past, those who entered numerous drawings had an opportunity of winning at least one license.

That is no longer the case. Since there has been more publicity about the Liquor License Annual Lottery in Florida, more people are taking part, making the chances of winning much smaller.

Alcohol Serving License FloridaLicenses are available for each increase in a county’s population by 7,500 people. These licenses can be utilized anywhere in the county as long as the zoning allows it. Licenses to sell liquor nevertheless can only be used in certain locations.

There is money to be had in selling these highly sought-after liquor licenses. When an individual wins, they can expect to be flooded with calls from brokers willing to help them sell their licenses for six-figure values. Last year, 59 licenses were offered out, and 10 have been sold. The average cost was around $185,000, with one going for as high as $375,000.

How Liquor License Annual Lottery Works in Florida

Starting August 19, applicants can enter a drawing for each county where a liquor license is available. Nevertheless, they can only enter just one per county, and they must pay a $100 fee for each entry. Should an individual win, they do not automatically receive the license. There is a huge cost involved. They must pay a $10,750 fee, which goes into a fund that offers education and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Additionally, they must pass a background check.

Learn More Concerning Liquor Licenses in Florida

Liquor licenses are difficult to come by in Florida. Availability is limited, which means obtaining one can be a costly endeavor. A liquor license lawyer can guide you through this cumbersome process. Liquor License Outlet can assess your situation and make sure that you get the liquor license that you want at a reasonable price in Florida. Contact us today for more information.

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