Facts About Florida Liquor License Lottery

Liquor License For Sale Near MeA liquor license lottery is a yearly event that awards the right to apply for a quota license. If you are new to the state or new to opening a business, you may doubt what a quota license
is. A quota liquor license also called a 3PS or 4COP license, is what bars, some restaurants, and retail package liquor stores require to sell liquor for on-premise or off-premise
consumption. These licenses are in high demand since there is only a certain number available per county based on population.

Overall, through the lottery, there is one new license made available by the state based upon each increase of 7,500 in population for the county. Nevertheless, many licenses are already issued to existing businesses, so there are usually only a few provided
based on growth. The number available can differ, as some counties see rapid growth, which increases the number of licenses available. Another way that licenses become available in the lottery is if an existing license is revoked due to legal violations.

The Florida liquor license lottery is open to members of the public, and the winners may then apply for a quota license. Entry into the lottery is only open for a short period, and every county announces winners on lottery day. Not everyone who enters
the lottery wants one for their business establishment. Many people enter for a chance to win since they can sell the license to someone else who wants one. Due to the limited availability, a quota license can be precious. Depending on the county, a quota liquor license may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How to Obtain a Liquor License

If an establishment only needs to sell wine or beer, the licensing requirements are different, and licenses are easier to obtain. A liquor license is more difficult to get. There are many ways of obtaining a liquor license in Florida, but entering the lottery and winning one is the most rewarding. The entrance needs the following steps:

Attain the Requirements

Quota Liquor LicenseTo enter the lottery, you must be 21 old and above. Should you be one of the nominated winners, you must then qualify for issuance of the license and fill out a personal questionnaire, be fingerprinted, be of good moral character, and have no felonies
within the last 15 years or criminal history relating to alcoholic beverages or tobacco in the last 5 years.

Apply During the Entrance Period

You can only register during the open entry period, which is open for 45-days. This period usually starts the 3rd Monday in August and ends at 5:00 p.m. 45 days later.

Pay an Entry Fee

To enter the lottery, there is an entrance fee. The amount is $100 per application, for every county.

The Letter Announcing the Winner Of  The Liquor License Lottery

Five days after the lottery drawing, certified letters are sent to the quota licenses’ victors. The list of winners is also posted on the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco’s website.

How is Liquor License Lottery Process

If you are chosen as a winner to apply, you have 45 days to file a liquor license application. You will require to pass a background check and pay the initial activation fee. After approval, the cost to activate the license is $10,750. Additionally, you will be required to pay the annual license fee depending upon the series of licenses applied for. The liquor license must be renewed every year afterward.

For those who did not come out as a winner in the lottery, the other choice is to buy a quota license from another winner or someone who has an existing license and is looking to sell. As mentioned earlier, this is a costly way of obtaining a license. Nevertheless, if you are in need of obtaining a license now in order to open your business, you can acquire one right away by buying an existing quota license in the marketplace as opposed to waiting for and entering the lottery every year.

Liquor License Lottery Dates

For businesses that want to enter for a chance to acquire a county liquor license, the Florida liquor license lottery drawing date is expected to open in August.
In the past, the opening date has been the third Monday in August. If that tradition continues this year, the opening date is expected to be August 17, and the closing date, 45 days after, should be October 1. Any applications sent in after the closure of the application would not be accepted for the lottery. Contact us for more information.


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