If you’re opening up a restaurant or considering adding alcoholic drinks to the menu, you’ll be considering getting a liquor license for your establishment. It can seem like a real hassle to get one arranged, but they can offer a lot of benefits. Here’s how you can decide whether you need a license, and what to do in order to obtain one.

Is It Worth Considering A License?

Absolutely. First and foremost, if you’re certain you want to sell alcohol on-premises, then you’ll legally need a license. There are many types of licenses out there, so you’ll have to pick the one that’s right for you.

Having alcohol on the premises can be beneficial to you as a business owner. As you’ll know, most restaurants operate on very thin margins. Having alcohol on-premises can encourage customers to come to you, and spend more while they’re in your restaurant. As well as this, it creates a convivial atmosphere. Because of this, customers are likely to stay longer and order more with you.

Type Of License You Need For Your Restaurant

4Cop Liquor License For Your Restaurant In Florida
4Cop Liquor License For Your Restaurant In Florida

The type of license you’ll need will depend on what types of drinks you’ll be selling on the premises. If you’re looking to just sell wine and beer, then you may find it slightly easier to obtain a license. If your restaurant is 100 seats or less, you can go for a limited liquor license. These are restrictive, but they can be inexpensive.

If you want to serve spirits too, then you’re going to want a 4Cop license. These allow you to sell wine, beer, and spirits on the premises of your restaurant. This is the license that most restaurateurs go for, as it offers much more flexibility in what you can offer the customer.

To qualify for this kind of license, your restaurant needs to have over 2000 square feet under permanent cover, 150 seats, and at least 51% gross of the profit coming in must be from food and non-alcoholic beverages.

What You Need To Know Before Applying

There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind before you apply for a 4Cop liquor license in Florida.

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure you and all your staff know the law when it comes to serving alcohol in your restaurant. If you’re found to be breaking the law, you can be prosecuted and have your license revoked. Don’t take any chances, and ensure that everyone knows what they need to do.

Encourage your staff to ID patrons if they’re unsure about their age. Again, if you’re found to be serving alcohol to minors, you can be punished for doing so. Create an ID policy, and make it clear to both staff and patrons.

You’ll also need to ensure you have up-to-date insurance policies. Alcohol gives you a well-needed boost to your profits, but it can also increase the chances of someone getting hurt on your premises or the prospect of fights breaking out. If your insurance is up to date, you’ll be ready for these issues.

Finally, teach your staff to know when to cut off an intoxicated guest. If they’re confident in saying no to a guest, you’ll decrease the chances of injury or abuse to staff or guests.

Upgrade Your Restaurant Stock

Increase The Storage Space In Your Restaurant
Increase The Storage Space In Your Restaurant

If you’ve successfully applied for a Florida 4Cop license, you’ll now need to think about increasing your drinks stock. Now, you’re going to need a range of spirits on hand for your guests.

Because there’s such a range of spirits out there, you’re going to need a lot more storage to keep it all. That means you’ll need to increase your storage space or reduce stocks of other items you keep on hand.

You’ll need to create a new drinks menu too. Will you simply offer spirits, or will you sell custom drinks creations? This can drum up interest in your restaurant, and create more work for you and your staff.

As you can see, a liquor license can give you a lot more scope for improving profit in your restaurant. You will have to take on extra responsibilities, so you’ll need to think carefully before you apply for one. We can help you with the whole process. Contact us today!


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