The 4COP liquor license in Florida is a highly sought-after permit that allows businesses to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption. This type of license gives establishments the ability to serve beer, wine, and spirits, making it an attractive option for many bars and restaurants.

However, there have been some recent changes to the regulations surrounding this license that business owners need to be aware of. In this article, we will discuss the changes for 4COP liquor licenses in Florida that you need to know.

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Understanding The 4COP Liquor License

Before we dive into the changes, let’s first understand what a 4COP liquor license is and how it differs from other types of alcohol permits.

The term “4COP” stands for “quota license,” which means that there is a limit to the number of licenses available in each county. This type of license allows businesses to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption, including beer, wine, and spirits.

Compared to other liquor licenses in Florida, the 4COP license has the most flexibility as it allows establishments to serve all types of alcohol. This makes it a popular choice among bars and restaurants, especially those looking to offer a wide variety of drinks to their customers.

Don’t let the complexities of obtaining a 4COP liquor license in Florida deter you from achieving your business goals.

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Changes For 4COP Liquor Licenses

Here are the key changes that have been made for 4COP liquor licenses in Florida:

  1. Increased Cost

Starting from July 1, 2020, the cost of a 4COP liquor license has increased significantly. Previously, the fee was $1,820; however, it has now been raised to $2,649. This increase is due to the rise in demand for this license and the limited availability.

Business owners who are looking to apply for a 4COP liquor license should consider this when budgeting for their establishment.

  1. No More Temporary Licenses

Previously, businesses were able to obtain a temporary 4COP license while they waited for their permanent one to be processed. However, this option is no longer available. Now, establishments must wait until their permanent license is approved before selling alcohol on their premises.

This change has been made due to the high number of temporary licenses that were being issued, causing a backlog in the application process.

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Being aware of the changes for 4COP liquor licenses in Florida is crucial for any business looking to obtain this permit. From increased costs to no more temporary licenses, these changes can have a significant impact on your establishment’s operations. Trust the experts at Liquor License Outlet to help you navigate these changes and obtain your 4COP liquor license successfully. Contact us today at (561) 827-1111 to learn more!

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