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A Guide to Opening a Florida Bar or Restaurant

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In January 9, 2019
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Opening a Bar Or Restaurant in Florida

Opening a Bar Or Restaurant in Florida

If your new year’s resolution is to finally open the bar or restaurant in Florida you’ve always dreamed about calling your own, now is the time to act. While there is a lot to get done in order to open any new business, let alone a bar or restaurant, you can easily accomplish this goal with a little planning and guidance. In fact, CNBC estimates that more than half of all new businesses that open will fail, in part due to poor planning on the owner’s part. Here are some of the steps to follow if you want to become a restaurant or bar owner this year.

If you’re an inexperienced business owner wondering how to buy a liquor license in Florida, Liquor License Outlet is here for you. Our experienced team is ready to help you secure the right license at the lowest cost.


Even people who have owned restaurants in the past can fail at opening a place of their own. If you’ve never tried it, seeking out the help of an investor or industry expert can be crucial. Even if you must pay a consultant, it’s well worth the investment to get advice on how many people you can expect to serve, your estimated expenses, and how long it may take to start turning a profit. Some of the questions you may want to ask include:

  • How many employees should I expect to hire?
  • What size menu is right for this type of business?
  • How feasible is it to open my business this year?


Having a location where you can draw a crowd will make a big difference in your success. Aside from considering how much traffic you can anticipate from passersby, there are a few more factors to keep in mind as you tour potential locations, including:

  • How many tables can you comfortably fit in the space? Remember that you’ll need to leave space for servers and customers to walk through and get to tables. If you’re going to have a bar area, you’ll need to have enough room for people to comfortably stand with drinks before the seating area opens.
  • Is there any outdoor space you can use? If you are planning on putting tables or a smoking area in the outdoor space, you’ll need to plan for rainy days or close the space anytime the weather starts to look cloudy.
  • Will there be enough room for any renovations you may want to do? If you wish to personalize the space, you’ll need to make sure your plan is feasible without dramatically reducing the seating space you have available.
  • How long are the tenancy options the landlord offers? You don’t want to spend a year or two building up a loyal clientele only to lose them due to having to move because the landlord has priced you out.


Getting a menu pinned down and determining your food costs isn’t possible until you’ve found vendors for the supplies you’ll need. Pricing your food and beverage orders with multiple vendors will let you compare and get the best value for your dollars.


Available Liquor Licenses For Your Bar Or Restaurant in Florida

Available Liquor Licenses For Your Bar Or Restaurant in Florida

Getting the right kind of liquor license is vital to being able to open your business on schedule and avoid any fees. The different Florida liquor license types are designed for use by designated kinds of businesses, such as bars, restaurants, and convenience stores. While the process of filling out the right forms to get your liquor license may seem tedious, once the initial paperwork is over, you can operate your business in peace knowing that you are covered in case of any inspections.


Opening a restaurant or bar can be incredibly rewarding. Of course, the process does come with challenges. If you’re committed to your success and willing to take things slowly while learning about the industry, you will be in the best position to succeed.

As you plan your future, consider the most common challenges that you will face when opening a bar, restaurant, or similar business in Florida.

  • Finding the right staff is often challenging. You will need to spend time interviewing and vetting your front-of-house and back-of-house staff members. Aim to hire people from within the industry who have a strong track record in similar businesses.
  • Your menu could make or break your business. Get it right, and you’ll attract discerning clientele. Get it wrong, and guests will leave disappointed. It helps to start small and go with an overall theme or concept. Consider how you can reuse ingredients throughout different menu items. If you want to boost menu sales, you could design compelling food and wine pairings. Learn more about designing a food and wine pairing menu to get your business started right.
  • Obtaining a liquor license can be a significant challenge for new restaurants and bars. The 4COP-Quota liquor license is one of the most popular types, but it is offered through a lottery with only one license made available for every 7,500 residents in a county. However, there are alternatives, such as applying for an SRX license or buying a quota license in Florida. We can help you to find the perfect solution, cutting the time and cost that is necessary to become compliant with local laws.
  • Some entrepreneurs can become frustrated by the restaurant industry, particularly in their first months of operation. Florida is a highly competitive market. You should be prepared to run with a lean profit or even at a slight loss when you first open. Marketing, your service, and your menu will all be crucial as you build a reputation and attract customer loyalty.


With all of the challenges that arise when opening a restaurant or bar in Florida, it’s important that you have the right support. Liquor License Outlet can help you complete one of the most critical steps, by ensuring that you have the right license for your business model.

If you’re an inexperienced business owner wondering how to buy a liquor license in Florida, Liquor License Outlet is here for you. Our experienced team is ready to help you secure the right kind of license in the shortest amount of time, so your business can open on schedule. We can even assist you in obtaining a license from a private seller, which can be faster and cheaper than buying one from the state. Contact us today to get the process started.


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