A liquor license in the state of Florida can be a very valuable asset to a business whether they operate as a storefront model or they have a restaurant where they desire to serve beer and or alcohol with their menu options. Oftentimes, there are many misconceptions about the price of a liquor license in Florida and the processes of obtaining one. There are several key things that a business owner must consider before taking the next step to make the ultimate decision of applying for a liquor license and if this is a process that they want to commit to. They should first consider the type of Liquor License that they need for their specific needs.

Next, they can consider the costs associated with purchasing the license because in some cases these costs can add up quickly. Finally, they should consider legal ramifications like the minimum age for selling alcoholic beverages and state requirements for sale hours. With the help of a qualified Liquor Licensing Agency such as Liquor License Outlet, this process can be a smooth one, and their representatives are well-trained to be able to guide you and answer any questions that you may have throughout the process.

What Type of Liquor License Do You Need?

Types of Liquor Licences in Florida
Types of Liquor Licences in Florida

Knowing the type of Florida Liquor License that you need is the first step to being able to sell alcoholic beverages within your establishment. When selling beer or wine, you will need a consumption on-premise license or packaging license. If you wish to add liquor to your inventory, you must purchase a separate quota license. Quota licenses can be harder to obtain because they are limited to a specific number per state. Additionally, these types of licenses are based on county population. At the Liquor License Outlet, our knowledgeable professionals can help you to understand the various type of alcoholic licenses and the applicable fees so that all of your questions are answered, before applying for a liquor license in Florida.

Florida Liquor License Costs

The cost of this license varies greatly depending on the type of alcoholic beverages that you desire to sell within your establishment. The annual licensing fees can range anywhere from $28.00 to $1,820.00 depending on the product being sold and the county of your business’s location. Additionally, you need to know how to buy a Florida Liquor License to easily access the best price because the costs can be astounding for a new business owner. While winning one of the few that are available for your location in the annual lottery is the most desirable way to obtain your license, it is not always a success. Liquor License Outlet can help you connect with a business owner that wishes to sell their current liquor license to find you the best rates available and also offer a great financing plan to streamline the process.

Legal Ramifications and State Regulations for a Florida Liquor License

Florida Liquor License Laws
Florida Liquor License Laws

It is important to know the legal ramifications associated with this type of sale and the state regulations. Excise taxes are charged at the wholesale level for any alcoholic beverages sold in Florida. Additionally, the state also requires specific monthly reports that your business must file to accurately account for all alcoholic beverage sales activity. It is also important to know the minimum age for alcohol sales as required by your state and have your employees properly trained in checking identification to further protect your establishment.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

There are many details associated with Applying for a liquor license in Florida that can seem tedious and overwhelming for new business owners. That is why our professionals are here to help with all of your questions and make your process a smooth and seamless one. With our great financing plans, we help to make your dream of a prosperous business a reality. We also specialize in helping you find the best prices for your license so that you are not paying more than you need to. For a detailed, no-obligation quote, give us a call today. We are looking forward to showing you how we can help you obtain your liquor license and achieve success within your business.


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