If you hold a Florida liquor license, you’ll know that there are all kinds of things you need to do in order to get one. Once you’ve got that license, you’ve got to hold onto it. You’d be amazed how it is to lose yours if you’re not careful. Here are the three mistakes you need to avoid once you have your license, to ensure you can stay in business.

1. Serving Minors

This is the most obvious tip, but you would be amazed how many license holders don’t think about this. They choose to serve anyone who comes to them, without checking for ID first. Some don’t check ID at the door, meaning minors can easily come in and be served. This may sound ridiculous, but it does happen.

If you are caught serving minors, then you can face stiff penalties for doing so. If a minor is caught intoxicated they can direct the law to your door. There are also spot checks made regularly by undercover officers, ensuring that you’re checking IDs before you serve alcohol.

If you’re worried about ensuring you’re upholding the law, there are steps you can take. Ensure your staff are fully trained in ID policy and invest in an ID scanner. By being careful and thorough you can protect your Florida State liquor license.

2. Serving Drinks After Hours

As a business owner, it can seem ridiculous to refuse to serve a patron. Why would you turn down money? The problem is, if you have patrons after hours wanting drinks then you legally cannot serve them.

Your license will grant you the power to serve drinks within a certain time limit. If you serve patrons after hours, then you’re in breach of your license and can very well end up in hot water. No matter how much your patrons ask you, and how much you’re tempted, never serve them after hours. Stick to your time limits and be very clear about them with your customers. If you choose to ignore them, then you can be facing fines, or even losing your license altogether.

3. Letting Guests Hang Around Your Establishment

Every license holder has had a patron or two that’s needed to sober up before they leave. You’re a responsible license holder, so what’s the best way to help that patron out? Some think that letting them stay in the premises until they sober up is the most sensible way to go about this.

On paper, this sounds like a good idea. You’re not letting the guest go home on their own, and you’re keeping them safe until they’re in a fit state to leave. However, license holders who do this forget that they’re actually going against the terms of their license. Depending on the type of license you have, you’ll need to have all patrons out at a certain time. By keeping that patron in your establishment, you’re contravening the terms of your license.

If this happens to you and you’re not sure what to do with the patron, the best thing to do is to call them a taxi. It’s annoying to have to potentially pay for their ride home, but it’s much better than losing out on earnings because you’ve lost your license.

Avoiding These Mistakes

New license holders may be surprised at how strict they have to be in running their business. It’s worth remembering though, your business relies on you holding that Florida liquor license. Fail to uphold your responsibilities, and you can find yourself in quite a lot of trouble.

All it takes is following this advice and being aware of the terms of your license. Be aware that there are different types of licenses out there, and you need to be sure you’re buying the right one. If you need help buying this license, then try talking to us at Liquor License Outlet. We’ll help you through the buying process, and make sure you get the right license for you.

Follow this advice as you start your business, and you’ll be sure to avoid any major mistakes that other establishments make in their early years. Be careful with your license, and you’ll be in business for years to come.


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