When applying for a Florida Liquor License, several documents must be submitted. These include an application form, a surety bond or letter of credit, and the appropriate fee. Additionally, applicants must provide necessary zoning information, proof of ownership or management authority over the venue where alcohol is to be served, and evidence of legal authorization to sell alcoholic beverages in Florida. 

Applicants will also need to complete self-disclosure statements on their background history and any criminal convictions they may have had as well as submitting fingerprints for criminal background checks. The Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco Division (ABT) will use these results to determine suitability for an alcohol license. 

Finally, anyone applying for a Florida Liquor License must also get approval from the local government in the county or municipality where they plan to conduct business. This includes submitting proof of ownership and zoning information as well as obtaining any necessary permits. The applicant is also required to obtain a Tobacco/Cigarette License from the DBPR ABT if tobacco products will be sold on the premises.

Once all documents have been submitted and approved, applicants can then apply for their actual liquor license. This process typically takes two to three months to complete, after which time a conditional license may be granted pending final inspections by the DBPR ABT. Approval from the local government is usually required before a liquor license can be issued.

Types Of Liquor Licenses In Florida

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All businesses involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages in the state of Florida must obtain an appropriate liquor license from the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (ABT). There are several types of liquor licenses offered by ABT, each with different requirements and fees. The most common type is a Quota Liquor License, which allows an establishment to sell all alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption or off-site retail sales. This includes beer, wine, spirits, and other mixed drinks. 

To obtain a quota license, applicants must demonstrate that there is sufficient public demand for their services and prove that they have adequate resources to produce and distribute their products safely. This usually requires submitting financial statements detailing assets and liabilities as well as a business plan outlining operating procedures.

A Specialty License is required for businesses that are limited in the types of alcohol they can sell or serve. This includes wine-only establishments, beer and wine bars, and caterers specializing in alcoholic beverage service. Applicants must submit a detailed description of their operations along with any necessary building plans or permits to ABT. 

Finally, there is the Limited Consumption License. This type of license allows an establishment to serve alcoholic beverages at special events or venues such as fairs, festivals, or bingo games. However, it does not allow them to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption or off-site retail sales. To obtain this license, applicants must provide proof of financial responsibility and pass a background check.

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