How Much Does a Liquor License Cost In Florida?


Cost of a Liquor Licence in South Florida – Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. How To Buy A Florida Liquor License


Liquor Licenses in Florida is Used In a Variety Of Area

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  • Restaurants

What is the Cost of a Florida Liquor License?

So you have decided to open a new bar, restaurant or nightclub in Florida. This is an exciting and most of all expensive time for any business owner, with lots of planning and preparation to do. With expenses piling up, one of the things you are sure to be wondering is how much you can expect to spend when you try to get a liquor license in Florida. This is an item you must be sure to include in your budget as you plan to open your business. A Florida Liquor License is one of the most important things you’ll need before you can even think of opening the doors to your first customers. A proper license will enable you to sell alcohol with no legal trouble, and give your business a legitimate income stream. It can prevent you from getting expensive tickets or even having your business shut down.

The actual cost of the license can vary based on many different factors, including:

  • What county the business is in and the total population in that county. The cost of a quota license is based on the county’s total population. In counties with more people, the cost can be much more expensive than in a densely populated, rural area.
  • When you apply for the license, at the start or end of the year. If there are only a few months left in the year, the price can be lower. However, if there are no licenses left through the county you can end up purchasing one from a private seller, who can set a price of their own.
  • How long of a period the license will be valid for after purchase. Seasonal or temporary licenses are less expensive than those that cover a permanent business, because they are only valid for a set time period.
  • Whether the license is for all types of liquor or simply beer and wine. A full license carries a higher price than one that only covers sales of certain kinds of drinks.
  • The amount of food your venue will sell. Places that make at least half of their profits from food sales can apply for a SRX license, which is designed for restaurants. The price for this license can vary based on the category of SRX license, as there are over twenty different categories.

The best way to get a quick idea of what your liquor license may cost is to contact Liquor License outlet. Our expert team can answer any questions you have and give you a realistic idea of what the cost of the license will be. We can even assist you with getting the license and financing the total cost.

Will Liquor License Outlet buy my quota liquor license?

If you have a liquor license in Florida that you no longer need to operate your business, Liquor License Outlet can help you by assisting you in selling it to a qualified buyer within your county of operation. We specialize in handling every aspect of this process for you and can always find you an interested party who will pay a competitive price for the license. In Florida, there are a limited amount of liquor licenses available from the county, creating a constant demand for those liquor licenses from new and aspiring business owners. Many of these future restaurant and business owners would love to purchase the license you no longer need, and Liquor License Outlet can help you connect with one and facilitate the sale. Selling your license is a good way to recoup some of your initial investment into your business, and helps another business get started when county licenses run out. While the process of selling can be difficult if you try it on your own, working with Liquor License Outlet can make the process simple and easy. Contact us today to get the process of selling your Florida liquor license started.

Does Liquor License Outlet sell quota liquor license?

If you are a new buyer looking for a license, you may be looking for assistance in understanding your options and navigating this complicated process. Liquor License Outlet can assist you in the process of finding a seller who wants to get rid of a Liquor License in Florida and handle all aspects of the buying process for you. Or we can assist you in putting together your application to get a license from the county where your business will be operating. We even offer assistance with financing the cost of the license. This can be very helpful for businesses opening in a large market where a Florida liquor license can cost upwards of $100, 000. We have navigated this process many times in every county in the state and can help you understand exactly what is needed to get your Liquor License In Florida.

Will Liquor License Outlet help with liquor license financing?

While many people on the outside of the hospitality industry do not realize it, the cost of getting a Florida liquor license can be astronomical. Quota licenses, in particular, can carry a heavy price tag that makes it hard to get your business off the ground, especially if you’re already spending a lot to get the business opened. Financing this cost through Liquor License Outlet can help your business get started on time and on a budget, regardless of how high the actual cost of the license. With financing in place, you can add a monthly payment to your budget instead of spending a huge chunk of your funds up front on the license. In this way, your establishment can be open and generate income before you have to spend the money needed to get a license. For many business owners, this can be a godsend at a time that is already very financially taxing. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you purchase a liquor license in Florida, no matter what your budget is.