What is a Beer & Wine License Used for?

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In November 12, 2018

Beer And Wine License Uses and Cost

Just like you need a license to operate a vehicle on the roads, you need a license to sell alcohol legally. In the state of Florida, there are different types of liquor licenses. Each type of license covers specific aspects of the sale of alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Liquor License Outlet is a Florida-based company that can help you with buying, selling, or any other liquor license needs. As a business owner, a liquor license may be essential for you to run a successful business. In this article, we will cover what you can use each liquor license for.

We understand the challenges and time constraints that you as a business owner face every day, and we can assist you in purchasing, selling, or financing your liquor license, or help you with any other license needs.

Four Unique Scenarios Where Liquor Licenses In Florida Are Essential

The most common liquor licenses in Florida can be used for a variety of business scenarios, ranging from nightclubs and bars to restaurants of all sizes. With off-premises licenses, you can get your grocery store, boutique liquor store, gas station, convenience store, etc. up and running with liquor sales.

Take a look at some of the most popular options to see how they can relate to your unique business model.How To Get Beer And Wine License

  • To sell beer and wine in a restaurant. If you own a restaurant where you wish to sell beer, wine, and other types of alcohol to your patrons, you need a license. The type of license you need is a 4COP-SRX. This license allows you to sell alcoholic beverages to your customers for consumption on-premises only. There is no limit on the number of 4COP-SRX liquor licenses that the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing issues. However, the process of getting this, or any other type of liquor license, is not very straightforward. Many requirements must be met, including filling out an application and providing all required information and documentation, paying fees, and complying with all other restrictions and rules. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of time and effort you need to spend on getting a liquor license, just contact Liquor License Outlet, and we will be happy to help you.
  • To sell alcohol in bars, nightclubs, and taverns. These establishments, or any others that do not fulfill all criteria for the 4COP-SRX license, need the 4COP-QUOTA license to be able to sell alcoholic beverages. The 4COP license has a population-based quota system, so their number is limited. This license can either be purchased from a current license holder or by applying and winning a yearly lottery process.
  • For small shops selling beer and wine on-premises.Small restaurants and sandwich shops can get a 2COP liquor license instead of a Florida 4COP License if they want to sell beer and wine for on-site consumption. The 2COP license also allows you to sell packaged beer and wine sealed in containers. There is no restriction on the number of 2COP licenses issued. As with other liquor licenses, there is a yearly fee for this license.
  • To sell liquor for off-premises consumption only. If you are a grocery store, supermarket, gas station, or any other type of facility that sells liquor for off-site consumption, you will need to have a 2APS liquor license.

There are different types of liquor licenses in Florida for various purposes and facilities. While we have described the four most common ones above, there are other types of licenses that you need for serving liquor at airports, on boats, at performing arts facilities, at public fairs, and on cruise ships. The thing to remember is that whether you choose to get a 4COP liquor license in Florida or any other type of liquor license, you will need to spend time and money to go through the lengthy process of getting a license.

Beer and Wine License ApplicationThis is where our professionals at Liquor License Outlet can help you. We understand the challenges and time constraints that you as a business owner face every day, and we can assist you in purchasing, selling, or financing your liquor license, or help you with any other license needs. Locating, negotiating, applying, obtaining, selling, and other tasks associated with licenses need not be your headache, as we take care of all of this and more. Just call us at (561) 827-1111 or toll-free at (844) LIQUOR4 and we would be happy to assist you.

Even though the process may be daunting, there can be enormous benefits for your business once you get a liquor license. You can earn substantial profits by serving alcohol at your establishment. On the other hand, selling a liquor license can also make you good money. Especially if you have a 4COP liquor license to sell, as they are coveted because they are limited in number due to quotas.

Do You Need A Liquor License? Questions To Ask

You may simply be curious about the process of obtaining a license today. Your next step is determining whether you actually need one, and how it could help your business. For many business models, a license will be essential, while in others, it could be a non-essential addition that helps to drive profits.

To gain some perspective around this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your customers expect liquor sales? If your customers already expect liquor sales, then you need to meet this expectation. Some restaurants and cafés start without a liquor license. This is OK in the early days, but eventually, you will need to satisfy the demands of your market.
  • Could liquor sales help to drive revenue in other areas? Liquor sales can create significant revenue, both directly and indirectly. Restaurants can help to increase menu sales by offering unique food and liquor pairings. Liquor also allows for significant margins. Retail markup on Liquor could help to drive your bottom line.
  • Do your competitors offer liquor on their premises? If your direct competitors offer liquor for sale, you will need to do the same to stay relevant in your marketplace.

Ready to learn more about liquor licenses in Florida? A team of expert licensing specialists is standing by now.

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Liquor License Outlet is your resource for purchasing liquor licenses in Florida. We offer the simplest way to obtain a valuable quota license that will give you flexibility today, and the option to sell the license for a profit in the future, should your business needs change.

Contact us to learn more about the process and get your business ready for growth this year.


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