Selling Alcohol Requires A Liquor License – Here’s Why

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In April 6, 2018

If you’re looking at setting up your own restaurant or another entertainment venue, then you may well want to start selling alcohol there. If you want to do that, you’ll know that you’re going to need a Florida liquor license. Why do you need one, and which kind of license are you going to need in order to carry out your plans? Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s The Law

Of course, the most obvious answer here is that it’s the law that you must have a liquor license if you’re going to be selling alcohol on your premises. If you don’t have one, you could be prosecuted for selling without a license.

Why is the law so strict on this? It’s because there need to be tight controls on how alcohol is sold. If there are limits on how it’s sold in public, it can ensure that there are fewer alcohol-related incidents that need to be attended to. As well as this, a license is given out on the understanding that licensees will abide by selling laws. If they sell to underage patrons and are caught, then that license will be taken away, stopping them from making the same mistake again.

The regulations that you must abide by as a retailer means that the sale of alcohol can be controlled, and stopped from getting into the hands of those who shouldn’t have it. This can stop a lot of issues in their tracks before they can even occur.

Requirements Of Your State To Selling Liquor

The liquor licensing laws you’ll need to abide by are decided by the state you live in. As you’re in Florida, you’re bound by Florida licensing laws.

These laws include having a set amount of people applying for licenses every year. This keeps the number of liquor licenses at a reasonable limit, and again controls the sale of alcohol in the state.

When you apply for a Florida state liquor license, your application will be examined closely. You’ll be checked for any issues that may stop you from having a license, or would make you an unsuitable candidate for one. This way, licenses are only given to those who are suitable and able to take on the responsibility.

How You Can Apply For A License To Selling Liquor

If you want a liquor license, you’ll need to take part in the lottery the state of Florida holds every year. This costs $100 to enter and gives you an entry into that lottery. Any winner who is pulled will then have the opportunity to buy their license, and start selling alcohol on their property.

You should keep this in mind if you’re looking at starting up your own business. You may want to time your opening date for when you get your liquor license. If you’re already established as a business, or you didn’t succeed in the lottery, then you’ll have to continue without the license for the time being.

Other Ways Of Getting Started

Did you not succeed in the lottery, but you need that license to get started? If you’re opening a restaurant or nightclub, then you’re going to need it sooner rather than later. If this is the case for you, you do have another option.

If you need that liquor license in Florida, then you can buy an existing one from a company that is selling theirs. If you do this, you’ll still have to go through all the legal checks, to ensure that you’re eligible to hold a license. However, it can get you a license quicker than having to wait for one to become free.

If you do this, try checking out what we have available at the Liquor License Outlet. Many companies sell their licenses through us, so we’ll have a good range of licenses on offer. Get in touch, and we’ll be able to walk you through what license you should be looking for.

It’s essential that you have a license before you start selling liquor, mostly for legal reasons. However, we’ve made it easier for you to get started than ever before. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you get that license and start selling.


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