In the state of Florida, there are several different types of liquor licenses for businesses. All licensees must meet certain requirements set by their local government and the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco to be eligible for licensure. Depending on what type of business you are running or planning to open, it is important to understand which type of license would best suit your needs. 

The most common type of license is a Quota License (or Liquor License), which allows a licensee to sell alcoholic beverages at retail locations such as restaurants, bars, package stores, and hotels. A quota license costs approximately $400-500 annually depending on the county where the business operates. This cost can go up if additional permits or fees are required. 

Liquor License Services In Florida

A Specialty License (or Non-Quota License), allows a license to sell alcoholic beverages at locations such as stadiums, airports, and other select venues. This type of license does not require the licensee to pay an annual fee but instead requires them to complete an application process for each event or venue they wish to serve alcohol. The cost of this type of license varies depending on the specific event or venue being served. 

In addition, there are several other types of licenses available in Florida including caterer’s permits, manufacturers’ licenses, and special vendor permits which allow businesses to purchase wine directly from wineries. You must understand all your options when considering what type of liquor license would best suit your needs.

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The Best Liquor License Type In Florida

In Florida, the most popular type of liquor license is known as a Series 12 License. This license allows for the sale and service of beer, wine, and spirits in any type of restaurant or bar. It also permits the sale of alcoholic beverages on premises by retail establishments licensed to sell such products. The Series 12 License is typically issued to restaurants that serve food with alcohol being served only in conjunction with meals or snacks. Furthermore, this license authorizes holders to ship and receive orders within their state as well as carry out special events like charity drives at local bars and restaurants. 

Liquor License Purchasing In Florida

The other main types of liquor licenses are the SRX (Series 11), which allows sales only by package stores; SFS (Series 13), similar to SRX but with the ability to also offer samples; SRX Restaurant (Series 11R), which allows sales of beer, wine, and spirits in restaurants only; and SFS Restaurant (Series 13R), which is similar to SRX Restaurant but with the added ability to offer samples. 

Each of these licenses has its specific requirements for application, such as age restrictions and proof of insurance. Additionally, some counties or municipalities may have additional requirements for obtaining a liquor license. You must contact your local Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco office to find out what their regulations are before applying for any type of liquor license in Florida.

We Offer Different Types Of Liquor Licenses

A liquor license is a permit that allows the holder to buy, store, sell, and/or serve alcoholic beverages. The issuing of such permits is governed by each state’s laws, as well as any local ordinances in place within county or city limits. To obtain a liquor license, applicants must meet certain requirements set forth by the governing body. These requirements vary from state to state and may include obtaining a bond or other insurance protection; providing evidence of financial responsibility; submitting fingerprints for background checks; attending classes on responsible alcohol service; paying fees associated with applications and renewals; and more.

We provide different types of liquor licenses. Our team is made up of professional and experienced consultants who can assist you with all aspects of the application process. Contact us today and request more information! We understand that navigating the regulations associated with liquor licensing can be complex and time-consuming for business owners, so we take care to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

From obtaining your license promptly to managing any changes or updates throughout its validity period, our dedicated team will work closely with you every step of the way. We also offer guidance and advice on how to optimize your license for the best possible outcome. With our help, you can get the most out of your liquor license while complying with all relevant laws. Contact us today at (561) 827-1111 for more information!


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