How Much Should you Pay for a 4Cop License?

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In September 25, 2017

When shopping for a Liquor License in Florida it is important to know your options and understand your needs so that you are completing the necessary requirements to ensure you are following all legal guidelines for your establishment.

Wine bottles on wooden shelf in wine store. champagne in a wooden display case

Wine bottles on wooden shelf in wine store

Choosing the right company to assist you with your needs can save you a lot of the headaches that are associated with obtaining this type of license. The time-consuming application process can create many obstacles for the business owner when they are not accustomed to the process.

By trusting the Liquor License Outlet with your 4Cop Liquor License in Florida needs, you can ensure that your process is smooth and effortless and to get your establishment up and running in no time.


The Florida 4Cop License is issued by the Florida Department of Professional Regulation for the sale of alcoholic beverages in Florida. If you are planning on selling liquor drinks and offer package sales with an establishment such as a restaurant, bar, and lounge you must apply for a 4Cop License.

Establishments are also required to obtain this license if they are planning on selling bottled alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption. In October 2009 the annual fee for a 4Cop License in Florida is $1,820.00.

Liquor License Cost

Drinks Getting Served

There is also an additional $100.00 per county application fee to enter a special drawing that is awarded for the limited number of licenses available. Once winning the drawing, applicants must then complete the licensing application and pay the annual fee to receive their 4Cop License.


There are many things to consider when thinking of selling a 4Cop Liquor License in Florida. Because there are only a limited amount of these licenses offered by the county annually when a private business decides to sell their Florida 4Cop Liquor license it is usually a successful endeavor.

Senior holding up bottle of wine

Senior Holding Up Bottle Of Wine

Because this process can be detailed, the Liquor License Outlet is available to assist you with your selling needs. We can provide interested individuals and businesses with the financing that they will need to purchase their 4Cop License. Our rates are competitive, and our payment options are flexible.


If you are looking to buy a 4Cop Liquor License, the Liquor License Outlet is your best choice for affordable options. Not only can we help you locate your license, but we can also assist you in the tedious application process to ensure that your process runs efficiently.

Our team is experienced in answering all of your questions and available to assess your needs and help match you to your greatest options.

While there are several different brokers available that can sell you this esteemed license, our company is above the rest for customer satisfaction and a smooth and hassle-free approval process.


The trust cost of obtaining a 4Cop License in Florida varies extensively depending on the options available to the business owner. If the business owner enters the state’s annual liquor license lottery, they must pay the $100.00 entry fee.

If they win one of the limited amounts of licenses offered a year, they are extremely lucky and can save themselves thousands to multiple thousands of dollars.

Winning this lottery can result in obtaining a 4Cop Liquor License for as little as $10,850.00. If this option is not available, the business owner must shop the open market of sales for 4Cop Liquor Licenses.

This can result in spending as much as $300,000.00 to obtain one of these licenses. While the costs associated can be high, the license is very valuable for promoting a successful establishment.


We’ve talked about the cost of a 4Cop Liquor License in Florida. While it’s true that licensing can become expensive, especially if you buy on the open market, you do need to keep in mind the advantages that your business can gain.

With a license, liquor sales can become one of the most profitable areas of your business. Most businesses in the hospitality industry aim to generate 30% of their revenues from liquor sales. The most successful restaurants aim even higher, with 50% being a sweet spot.

There’s are good reasons for this. All of them could change the way that you think about your current business model.

  • Liquor can be more profitable
  • There are fewer overheads with liquor sales when compared to food and other services.
  • Liquor is easy to store and handle.
  • With liquor sales you could attract clientele who otherwise wouldn’t come to your establishment.
  • Without liquor sales, you will lose customers to the competition.

The simple fact is that if you don’t have a Florida liquor license, your business will become second tier. Consumers will favor your competitors in almost every situation. If you don’t want to be left out in relative obscurity, gaining a liquor license should be one of your top priorities.

With a 4Cop Liquor License in Florida, you will be able to sell all forms of liquor on premises, including beer, wine, and spirits. In the hospitality industry, this is essential.

  • Wine is one of the most popular food pairings. If you have invested in an executive chef and a great menu, liquor sales will help you to get the most out of it.
  • Customers expect liquor sales at restaurants and cafés. In Florida, beer is complimentary to many dishes. A 4Cop license will allow you to stock domestic, craft, and international beers that could increase your revenue and your foot traffic.
  • Spirits are also popular in restaurants. Although not traditionally used for main course food pairings, they are often served with deserts and used as night caps. Sprits sales can keep paying customers in your establishment long after the meal has been served, giving your guests an opportunity to relax and conversate over cocktails.

Don’t leave your business exposed to competition that you simply can’t beat. If you want to be successful in the hospitality industry, a liquor license is a bare-minimum prerequisite.


The Liquor License Outlet is a premier business model assisting those in need of these services. We help with the tedious application process and financing of the loan to obtain these licenses to ensure an easy process for our customers keeping the costs as minimal as possible.

We have a great reputation for helping establishments to get their licensing approved and get up and running in a speedy amount of time. Give us a call today to see how we can help you get started.

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