What’s the Difference Between a Beer and Liquor License?

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In October 30, 2017

Liquor Licenses in Florida are mandatory for the sale of alcoholic beverages for any business. There are many types of these licenses which all cover different aspects of the sale of alcoholic beverages and their specific details describe what each type of licenses allows for the state. When searching for a 4Cop liquor license in Florida there are many things to consider such as whether you want to sell only beer and wine, only liquor, or a combination of both. There are some significant differences between a beer and liquor license to become aware of.

One main difference is if you are only selling beer and wine at your establishment, this type of license is generally much easier to obtain because they can be issued with limits whereas liquor licenses have to be either won in an annual state lottery, which is a slim chance, or bought for a high amount from an existing place or pre-existing business. Demand for supply should also have an impact on whether or not you make the pricey investment of a complete service liquor license. Additionally, beer and wine licenses are often limited to their total sales of beer and wine depending on the type of establishment.

Obtaining your Desired License

When deciding how to buy a 4Cop Liquor License you must first consider the type of alcohol sales that you plan on conducting. If you decide to sell only beer and wine, you should have a fairly easy time obtaining your license as long as you comply with all of the state guidelines and requirements. If you plan on selling liquor in your establishment, you must keep in mind not only the state regulations associated with this type of license but also the high costs associated with a 4COP liquor license. While the process may be tedious, and the costs may be significant, normally there is a much higher mark up for this kind of sale and the business owner’s profit is returned in abundance, so the costly investment is well worth it.

Supply and Demand

When deciding on whether getting a full service liquor license or a license that will just allow limited services of beer and wine sales, you should consider the demand in your area. Sometimes the local market does not consist of a heavy drinking crowd, and if this is the case then a limited beer and wine license will be sufficient for the business. However, if there is a demand in the market for liquor sales, especially if hard drinks pair well with the restaurant dishes that will be served in your establishment, a full-service 4Cop Liquor License will be well worth your investment.

Beer and Wine Limitations

Beer and Wine licenses are easier to obtain because they do not have a limited quantity available and the state regulations are not as strict for this type of license. In rural areas where the is a low population, these limited licenses may be sufficient for meeting the needs of customers. Additionally, in family establishments or simple service restaurants such as pizzerias, sometimes these are the only type of licenses necessary. If asking the question, “How much is a 4Cop Liquor License in Florida”, you will find that you will only want to invest in a full-service liquor license if the demand for these goods is there.

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