Investing in a restaurant business is a great way to make money, and you get even better results when you offer the products and services that customers expect. Get a 4cop License for Your Restaurant in Florida today.

Two things that go exceptionally well together are food and liquor. High-end cocktails complement your most popular dessert while increasing the profit that you generate from every customer. Even if you don’t offer liquor, and simply sell wine and beer, these create excellent food pairings that are expected by your patrons.

When you don’t have a 4Cop license, you are essentially throwing revenue away. You could even find that your restaurant is not as popular as the competition.

Liquor License Outlet is your partner for gaining a 4Cop liquor license in Florida. Learn why it matters and discover how to buy a 4Cop liquor license for your business.

A 4Cop License Covers Alcohol to Be Consumed on Premises

When you don’t have a 4Cop license in Florida, you leave your business open to unfair competition. There are a few different liquor licenses available in Florida, with each one focusing on a different business segment. In the restaurant industry, you need a 4Cop SRX or SFS license.

These licenses allow for the sale of alcohol that will be served and consumed on-premises. This covers beer, wine, and hard liquor like whiskey and vodka.

You can purchase a 4Cop license before opening your business, or, you can invest in a license for a restaurant that is already open. Either way, you will significantly improve your chances of success in the industry.

How Important is Liquor to the Success of Your Restaurant?

Mid-tier and fine-dining restaurants know that significant revenue comes with selling alcohol. Even a restaurant that moves a moderate volume of alcohol will aim for liquor to be around 30% of its total revenue. The most successful restaurant owners aim for 50%. This is why you will see the best restaurants with wine menu options that cost just as much as the meals that they accompany. In some cases, the cost of fine wine can even go beyond the cost of a full-course meal.

Alcohol is typically a high margin, so any sale provides a strong return to your business. Think about it. When you sell the main course, it’s the culmination of several investments. Ingredients, gas, electricity, the initial research and creation of a menu, cooks, an executive chef, and wait staff all need to be factored into the transaction. Food storage costs can also be significant. Perishables will spoil if they aren’t popular on your menu, so there’s even an element of loss.

With liquor sales, none of this really matters. Sure, there’s some time that goes into designing beer and wine pairings and finding suppliers, but it doesn’t come close to the overhead of your food. Additionally, liquor storage typically takes up less space than food storage, especially if you have a particularly busy restaurant. Most wines and spirits consumed with food also do not need refrigeration, so you’ll see lower costs in that area as well.

When you take all of this into account, it’s no surprise that the most successful restaurants aim for a liquor sale ratio of 50% or higher.

With a 4Cop license, you can aim high and improve the profitability of your business.

A Florida 4Cop License Will Give You Access to a Growing Marketplace

A Florida 4Cop License Will Give You Access to a Growing Marketplace

Total alcoholic beverage sales in the United States have increased at an average of 4.3% per year since 2011. This includes sales from the restaurant industry, convenience stores, liquor stores, and online outlets. When you don’t offer alcohol at your restaurant, you are missing out on a significant growth market.

Here’s another way to look at it. When you consider that most restaurants aim for 30% of their revenue to be derived from alcohol sales, not having a Florida 4Cop license equates to losing a third of your sales potential.

As an entrepreneur, you want to grow your business and create security for the future. Liquor sales at your restaurant are one way to do this.

The big hurdle for many business owners is the complex regulatory and licensing landscape. Knowing which license to get and how to get it can be difficult. In Florida, the easiest way to get your license is through a trusted third party that offers license sales.

Liquor License Outlet is the most convenient way to get a 4Cop liquor license in Florida. We help you identify the best license for your business model and will complete the application process on your behalf. This removes the red tape that can get in the way when you apply for a license with no prior experience. We provide a cost-effective service and can even find quota licenses when you have a larger business that would otherwise be subject to the liquor license lottery.

Don’t leave revenue on the table by omitting hard liquor, wine, and beer from your menu. Instead, get more customers and boost your income by contacting the best 4Cop license experts today.

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