The 4Cop License in Florida is highly sought after by people looking to sell alcohol, but obtaining one can be difficult. We understand the challenges people face when they’re looking to purchase it and in plenty of cases, it’s the first time people are doing this. There is an assortment of products out on the market today that require a special license to be sold at a location whether it be retail or a bar or restaurant, but what is a liquor license exactly? Why do people need it and why can it be difficult to obtain?

There Are Different Licenses

The first thing to understand about a 4Cop License is there’s no “one-fits-all” solution when people are looking to purchase one. There are different types of licenses to cover specific aspects of the alcoholic beverages being sold at the premises. People who are looking to open a nightclub, liquor store, or bar are normally the ones who seek out these licenses. There is a mountain of paperwork to get through and it can be a headache to obtain one depending on where people decide to start. This is why people will often take a step back and have us step in to help them with obtaining a license in the first place. People can also choose to upgrade their license for the establishment they have to stay up to code so they can continue to run their business.

How Do People Obtain a Liquor License?

Obtaining a 4Cop Liquor License in Florida sounds easy on paper, but in practice, there are plenty of scenarios where it can be difficult to obtain one. There are two methods to obtaining one which include purchasing an already existing one from a previous owner or going through the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing. Each year there are a limited number of licenses issued by the state to businesses to allow for the sale of alcohol and some years they haven’t reached the quota of how many have been issued. The reasoning behind this quota is to ensure there aren’t too many establishments selling alcohol in one area. If the licenses in one county have been sold off an application can be denied, but this doesn’t mean your plans to obtain one have to come to a halt, either.

Florida Liquor License Application
Florida Liquor License Application

The other method to obtaining a 4Cop Liquor License in Florida besides putting in an application to the board is to purchase a pre-existing one from another owner. This is usually the best option because if the quota for your county has already been filled this way a business owner can obtain a license with the guarantee it’s already been issued. Depending on the type of establishment a business owner will want to open will depend on the type of license they’re keeping an eye out for.

The SRX license, for example, is designed to be used in a setting where food is going to be making up the majority of the sales. These types of licenses normally apply to restaurants where the sale of alcohol is accompanied by the meal to enhance the experience. Food has to make up more than half the sales at the establishment and normally the SRX license doesn’t run out. Why? There’s no limit to them, so they’re perfect for these types of establishments.

The amount invested in a 4Cop License will also depend on the price of alcohol where the business owner lives in. There are a few counties that will charge $100,000 or more depending on the stakes when it comes to issuing these licenses. This may seem like a large investment to some people, but the amount doesn’t have to be paid out all at once. Most business owners get financing for these licenses to help cut down on the cost so they don’t have to pay the amount forward all at once. Contact us for more information.


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