Under the United States Constitution, the 21st Amendment created a unique regulatory stature where beer, wine, and spirits can be manufactured, distributed, and sold to consumers. In the state of Florida, there is a “three-tier system.” Under this three-tier system, licensees may only hold licenses within one tier of the system. You may have a license as a manufacturer, distributor, or vendor; except for wineries, which can operate under two tiers. But, as a consumer, you probably don’t think much about who is or isn’t allowed to be selling alcohol or what tier they operate under. You probably just want to buy your drinks and get on with your life. Whether you’re new to Florida, a long-time resident, or just stopping by for a vacation, Florida 4Cop Liquor License wants to help you dispel a few myths about Florida Liquor Sales.

Myths About Florida Liquor Sales

Myth 1: You Can’t Buy Alcohol on Sundays


There is a general consensus among counties that there is no alcohol to be sold between the hours of midnight to 7 AM. However, there’s no official ruling that you cannot buy alcohol on Sundays. Depending on the county you’re in, you might not be able to buy alcohol until anywhere between 8 AM and 10 AM and sometimes as late as noon.

Myth 2: You Can’t Buy Alcohol at Grocery Stores

Buying Liquor in Florida
Buying Liquor in Florida

FACT: You can buy wine and beer in grocery stores throughout Florida. However, be aware that some counties are dry. Which means that you cannot purchase or consume alcohol in those counties. So, if you’re not a resident be mindful of which counties you’re passing through that may be dry. If you’re not in a dry county, you can easily pick up your favorite beer or wine while you also get ingredients to make dinner tonight.

Myth 3: You Can Recork Your Wine at Dinner and Take it to Go

FACT: Florida law does not allow you to purchase a bottle of wine at a restaurant to record and take home with you. This means that you must consume what you purchase at the establishment or leave it behind. If you attempt to take the bottle with you and you’re stopped by the police, you may be cited for carrying an open container or driving with an open container. You may suffer fines or lose your driver’s license. For some people, you may even face possible jail time because you’re also driving under the influence.

Myth 4: You Can Buy Alcohol Between 1 am-7 am

FACT: Only in Miami-Dade County can you buy alcohol 24/7. While the sale is not controlled by the state but by the county. This means it’s up to the individual county to decide or change the operating and sales hours of liquor stores.

Florida 4Cop Liquor License Sales

We want to provide first-class services and the best the liquor industry has to offer. With a passion for serving others in the hospitality industry and over 50 years of hospitality experience combined, we understand the challenges when it comes to getting a liquor license. At 4Cop License, we know just how tricky the legal jargon can be, especially for those who are new to the industry.

Florida Liquor License Laws
Florida Liquor License Laws

We’re well-versed in the application process and we take pride in helping you accomplish your goals. Utilizing a strict standard for accuracy and efficiency, we help you get your license fast and legally. If you’re curious about how to buy a 4Cop Liquor License you can easily request information from our website. Fill out our request form and we’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

Florida 4Cop Liquor License knows how exciting it is to start your own establishment that legally sells beer, wine, and spirits. This is why we’re happy to help you every step of the way. If you’re interested in being a part of the hospitality industry, the industry that we’ve grown to love so much, please contact us. 4Cop Liquor License can help you live out your dreams of hosting your own establishment. Find out more about liquor license sales and Florida liquor license laws on our site today.


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