We talk a lot about buying a liquor license here, but sometimes you may need to sell yours. If you don’t need your license anymore, then you’re in luck. It’s possible to sell it off to someone who can use it, and make some of your money back. Here’s how you can sell a 4Cop liquor license in Florida, and how you should go about it.

Why Sell Your License?

Firstly, you’ve worked hard to get that license. Why would you want to sell it? There could be a few reasons for doing so. Firstly, and most commonly, license holders sell theirs when they’re no longer conducting business at their property. If you’re no longer serving beer, wine, or liquor, then you won’t need that license anymore. Up-and-coming businesses can use that license, so you can hand it over to them.

It’s also useful for making some cash back if you need to. This is especially true if you’re closing your business down. You’ll have expenses you need to pay, so this is a good way of making some of the money that you’ll need.

If you’re not using your license anymore, it’s not usually a good idea to hold onto it. As this is the case, you’ll want to now start looking into selling yours.

Who Will Buy Your License?

Now that you’re thinking about selling your license, you’ll need to find someone that will want to buy it. Luckily, thanks to laws in Florida, you won’t find it difficult to find some customers.

Selling Your 4Cop Liquor License In Florida
Selling Your 4Cop Liquor License In Florida

This is because, in Florida, only a set amount of new licenses are given out every year. A buyer needs to apply for a place in a lottery every year, which can cost around $100, and even then they may not have their name selected for a license. That means that competition is fierce, and if you need a license you could be waiting years to get your hands on one. If you’re looking to set up a restaurant or liquor store, you’re going to need that Florida 4Cop license sooner rather than later.

If you know you’re going to need to sell off that license, then you want to get started as soon as you can. That license will be wanted by many different customers, so you want to make sure you get the best price for it.

How Do You Sell A 4Cop Liquor License?

Ok, so you’re going to sell up. How do you sell the license? Even though the buyer is buying from you, rather than a government agency, they’ll still need to jump through the same hoops you did. After all, they’re going to need to meet several different criteria in order to be eligible for the license.

Selling Your Liquor License in Florida
Selling Your Liquor License in Florida

Because of this, you’re better off going through a broker, such as us here at Liquor License Outlet. That’s because we’re well versed in what a buyer needs to do before they can obtain a license, such as having to meet certain criteria, or deciding what kind of license they’ll need for their business.

This makes it very easy for you as a 4Cop license seller. You’ll just need to get in touch with us and let us know that you’re selling. We’ll help you find the right customer, who will be able to get the use of the license. We’ll help them handle all the legal sides of things, so you won’t need to worry about that. Once that’s all done, you can sell your license with ease.

There’s a lot to recommend about this method of selling. You don’t need to have all the intricate knowledge that license brokers have. All you have to do is get in touch with a broker and put them in charge. If you’re selling your license, you’re probably dealing with a lot of other things at the moment. Having a broker involved means that you’re avoiding a lot of stress and hassle that you just don’t need.

As you can see, it’s quite simple to sell on your liquor license. All you need to do is find yourself a reliable broker and let them handle it. They’ll find you the right buyer right away. Contact us today and get the help you need.


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